Netflix Game Handles are unique names that you use while playing Netflix games.The game handle name you pick and set up in your Netflix profile will appear in some game features like Club and Club Boss. Your game handle will also be relevant information for any game support related matters.

For quick tips on creating your Netflix Game Handle, it must:

  • Be 3-16 characters in length
  • Not use emojis, punctuation, or special characters
  • Not use more than one script or language

For more detailed information, please visit Netflix Help Center.

You can already set up a Netflix Game Handle to your Netflix profile, but it will become mandatory in Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales some time in March — April 2024.

When Netflix Game Handles are taken into use, you will no longer see your possible previous player name, and instead you will see your game handle in all relevant in-game fields. If you have not set up a game handle, the game will prompt you to set it up before continuing to play the game.