Hawkins Heroes is a new leveling system that unlocks once your first five characters in your Gaming Table reach level 240. With Hawkins Heroes you no longer need to level up your characters one by one! Instead you level up your whole roster one level at a time, and all characters will have the same level.

How does it work? After leveling up your first five characters to level 240, your Gaming Table is replaced by the new Hawkins Hero view and all characters in your Roster are automatically updated to the new Hawkins Levels, starting at Hawkins Hero level 1 (HH 1 — same as level 240). This specific change from level 240 to Hawkins Hero level 1, does not affect your character’s Health and Attack stats.

Any time you earn a new Character it is automatically added to your Roster at your current Hawkins Hero level.

With Hawkins Hero levels there will no longer be any caps on levels.