There are different types of error screens you may see, depending on what caused the error: Connection Error Connection errors can happen when picking up the game after leaving it idle for too long
  • this can happen if you were auto-playing a battle and forgot to resume the game from there. Simply restarting the app should solve it for you. Connection errors as the name suggests can also be caused by temporary connectivity issues — this could be due to short-term network issues in your area, weak signal, or due to low device battery, 'Do Not Disturb' or power saving modes enabled on your device. Check your connection and try restarting the app — let us know if the issue persists. Something went wrong Error Force closing and restarting your game should help. If the issue persists or you notice a specific action triggering the error, please report it to our team using the Contact Us button. Loading Issues If the game will not load for you, or if the loading screen results in an Error, try clearing the app's cached data. We also recommend going to the Settings of your Netflix mobile app, logging out, and logging back in. If the issue persists, you can uninstall and reinstall the game — you won't lose your progress as long as you select the correct Netflix profile when you log back in. NGP Code Error These errors are usually displayed in a gray pop-up and are related to your Netflix account. Check if your membership is active and if the details under your Netflix Settings are correct. We also recommend logging out of your Netflix mobile app and logging back into your Netflix account. This will not affect your game progress
  • as soon as you log back into your profile, your game would load normally. If the error persists, please reach out to the Netflix Support team. If the error you see is not listed above, please report it to our team.