The Gaming Table has positions for your five highest-leveled characters. Once filled, you can select other characters from your roster to enhance; these will be raised to the level of the lowest-level member of your top five, instantly and for free!

For example, if your top five are four characters at level 100 and one character at level 80, any characters added to the Gaming Table will immediately raise up to level 80! And when you raise the level of the level 80 character to 81, everyone assigned to the Table will level up as well.

Spaces in the Gaming Table are limited, but you can swap characters out and replace them after a cooldown period. This way, you can try different teams against tough enemies much more easily, and make use of new characters right after unlocking them!

Once your first five characters reach level 240, the Gaming Table is replaced by Hawkins Heroes — an advanced leveling system. Check out the “What is Hawkins Heroes?” FAQ for more information.

We really hope you try this feature out — it's sure to make your overall experience more varied and we hope it helps you make progress in the Story!